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Career Guidance

Evolve your career in 5 easy steps

  • Are your parents constantly saying “I don’t know what you will do with your life”?
  • DO you find yourself taking a career path just because your best friends have taken it? 
  • When in a group and the topic turns to Career………Do you find yourself without the right answer?
  • Do studies demotivate you because you are unsure as to what you want to do with your life?


If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then continue reading as this write-up is for YOU!

70% of the students choose the incorrect career path because of lack of proper guidance. But the GOOD NEWS is that you have already taken the Ist step towards making your life better by not only identifying the issue but also by looking for a solution !!

Let’s solve the puzzle for you :

With the advent of Technology and AI, new occupations are emerging every single day and a lot of existing occupations are getting obsolete, we use AI to help you discover new career paths.


Our Solutions :

  • stream selection   (for class 8th ,9th & 10 th )
  • Career selection (for class 10+1, 10+2  & undergraduates )
  • Choosing Specialisation (for Masters )
  • Midlife career change  ( for professionals)
  • Identifying  career for the homemakers


Here we go !!!

The process to get you to a fulfilling  career can be achieved in 4 easy steps :


Pre-counselling  : 
Understand your professional need and your concern areas.

 Take a psychometric test from the comfort of your home.

 It takes only 40-50  minutes to attempt the test.

We Assess and Analyze :


  • Your personality          
  • Your learning patterns
  • Your skills: numerical ability, logical ability, Social ability, Organization and management, motor skills, language and listening, observation and reading, creative and interpersonal. 
  • Your areas of interest 
  • Your career motivators 
  • Your EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ 


From this, we do a SWOT analysis and Career mapping 


Career Guidance /Mentoring : 
  • Minimum 4 Career options 
  • A Contingency plan 
  • College options for both India and abroad. 
  • The input required to get into those colleges. 
  • What the career path entails and your growth patterns along with the financial returns. 
  • A 32-page career path report as a ready reference.
  • Free access to our dashboard: For research on various options on colleges and universities.


What is a psychometric Career test?  

( pls note this should show/pop up  if someone clicks on the psychometric test mentioned above in step 2 )

Artificial Intelligence Combined With Psychometry helps us to generate a report which is undeniably one of the most accurate scientific instruments one could use to map an individual’s skills to the possible career options.

It is an objective test to identify

one’s personality, interests and skills ( academic )  and mapped by artificial intel to the best possible career path based on the report generated by the psychometric test, thus enabling the Career mentor to help you to make an informed decision about the stream selection or course selection as well as the possible contingency pathways. 



For Class 8th - 10th

For Stream Selector Test Click Here


For Class 11th - 12th

Career Assessment Test Click Here


For Undergraduates and Graduates

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For Professionals

SWOT Analysis Test Click Here